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We Need You

The North Carolina Governor's Task Force on Safer Schools' most recent survey reported a dramatic rise in school safety incidents statewide. With the addition of your involvement, we will counter this rise by helping create a safer environment and teaching children how to make SMART, STRONG, and SAFE decisions every day.


There are several ways for you to get involved: 

Volunteer Opportunities

The Wristband Pledge

DMV Specialized License Plate


Sponsor Events


SSP Business Network

Your support and involvement in SSP is essential to help deliver our message, increasing participation and awareness is necessary to its success. We thank you for your interest! Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding your involvement.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer work is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, and may be chosen according to areas of interest and availability. SSP mobilizes local volunteers in the following various sectors:

  • Promoting the Safety Awareness Wristband Campaign
  • Hosting educational programs
  • Training and Counseling
  • Materials distribution
  • Participating in school assistance programs focusing on safety needs

These sectors significantly contribute to delivering and sustaining the SSP principles and goals.

Contact Your Local School to see the many unique opportunities that are available in your area.

The Wristband Pledge Campaign

The SSP Wristband Pledge Campaign combats many of today's most sensitive issues such as bullying and respecting authority; parents, teachers and other authority figures. It's similar to a coupon book, but without the hassle, and has the added benefit of community involvement for a good cause. Students, parents, and school faculty across North Carolina receive a Yellow Wristband by signing the Safety Pledge, and agreeing to uphold School Safety Program principles throughout the year. The Yellow Wristband yields a 10% discount at all participating businesses.

Student Pledge K-5

Student Pledge 6-12

Parent Pledge

The Wristband Pledge Campaign

School Safety Discount Provider 

Join the Cause Today

Yellow is the 2016-2017 School Year Wristband Color

When a Participating Business joins the cause, they simply agree to provide a minimum of 10% or better discount to the wristband holders upon presentation of the wristband.

In return the Participating Businesses will receive:

  • A Discount Provider Seal for storefront display.
  • An Electronic Version of the Discount Provider Seal for display on their website.
  • A link to
  • A link to the SSP Digital Recognition Ad.
  • 3 Wristbands with the opportunity to purchases additional Wristbands at a discount.

We are currently in need of volunteers to help spread the word across the state, generating awareness and participation in the program. Volunteers will receive Wristbands for their involvement.

Business Agreement

Wristband Discount Providers


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DMV Specialized License Plate Campaign

We thank you for supporting the School Safety Program (SSP) Specialized License Plate campaign, funding important safety awareness initiatives and helping supply North Carolina schools with safety-related materials, supplies, and educational programs. We are collecting applications for 2017 submission, and will submit them to the general assembly for approval once the required number of applications are received. Once approved, the plate will serve as a year-round fundraiser for North Carolina Schools.

In accordance with Statute 20-79.4, School Safety Program must gather 500 paid applications prior to production and issuance of the specialized plates. Should we not attain the necessary 500 applications with the Background Design by February 15, 2017 but have attained 300 applications we will then be granted the Logo Plate instead.  All applications will be submitted to the NCDMV in order to acquire legislative approval during the April 2017 Session. Your plate will be manufactured and available within 180 days following North Carolina's General Assembly approval. $10 of each plate will be donated to the school of your choice.  If plate is not authorized, full refunds will be issued. Associated registration fees will be billed by the NCDMV prior to issuance. 

Specialized License Plate

Download Application Here

You have two options to apply for your Specialized License Plate:

  1. You can download an application in a PDF editable form, email it to us and then pay through the "Buy Now" button above or

  2. Download the application, manually fill it out and be sure to designate the school of your choice on the application. Mail the completed application and a check or money order to :

    School Safety Program
    PO Box 4202
    Cary, NC 27519

Sponsor Events

Businesses have the opportunity to sponsor special events for the benefit of the School Safety Program.  Events could include School Expos, Speakers, Performers etc. 

Look for exciting forcoming events in your area!


Businesses can hold fundraisers where they can host fundraiser events for their local school and donate a portion of their proceeds to that school.  A great example would be a restaurant hosting a breakfast or dinner event and donating 15-20% to the school.  Another recent example was a bedding firm who donated a portion of their weekend bedding sales for a local school.

Coming Soon to Your Area

Check Back for Current Information

School Safety Program Business Network

Businesses can network much like other networking groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, BNI's and many other Leads Groups. They will:

• Gain New Business through Networking
• Have Access to Monthly Networking Events
• Have Access to Special Monthly & Quarterly Events
• Gain Credibility by Referral
• Have Access to the Membership Directory
• Gain Website Promotion
• Enjoy a Web Link to Your Website
• Enjoy a Web Link to Monthly Specials Page
• Enjoy Education Seminars
• Enjoy Marketing Opportunities

• Be Able to Sponsor Activities
• Be Able to Sponsor Scholarships
• Be Able to Sponsor Safety Awareness Videos
• Be Able to Sponsor Safety Tip of the Week/Month
• Be Able to Sponsor pre-employment safety training videos
• Be Able to Participate in School Expos
• Enjoy Print Recognition
• Have Poster Exposure
• Have Digital Advertising
• Have Social Media Exposure

But the best features of participating in the School Safety Program Business Network are:

• No Monthly Membership Fees are Required
• No Attendance is Required
• There are no Other Forced Requirements

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Remember Your Donation is Tax Deductible!

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