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School Safety Program is here to help you make your school a safer learning environment by supporting your school safety initiatives. When you log in to your Principal portal, you will find a dashboard and the school safety initiative form that will have up to 30 safety initiatives you can select from. If what you need is not on the form, you can submit a request for approval using the portal provided. You and your colleagues will do the homework to determine how much it will cost to reach your goals. ?

The selections on your safety initiative form will range from safety awareness marketing products like posters, t-shirts and pens, to helping you fund safety training for your school. When you use the form, you will be able to tell us if something needs to be repaired and/or whether you would want to hire school safety professionals to lecture at your school. We are developing a measurable algorithm so that you can monitor your fundraising progress. This measurable monitoring tool, similar to a thermometer, will also be seen by the public so that they can support your school by cheering you on, and/or joining in any fundraising endeavors, like donations, volunteering, etc. We are excited to be apart of your mission to secure your safety goals. Just signup, or if you are already a member, login and tell us what your needs are.

We are with you every step of the way, and want you to feel free to fill out your safety initiative form to get things started. ?

Thank you in advance for being apart of our heartfelt agenda for change in the school system. When it comes to safety for our children, we are in it to make a strong difference. ?

School Safety Program

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